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Invitation to Experience The Customer®

We invite interested organizations to experience the uniqueness of The Customer® through hands-on participation. March 15-16, we will be hosting a one-and-a-half day class in Nashville, TN, which you can attend without any investment except travel. Click here to learn more about this unique opportunity

Conference Overview Webinar

View our webinar describing the upcoming Customer Service Conference in Nashville. The webinar explains the conference, objectives, agenda and reviews specific items that will be covered.View the webinar >>

The Customer® for Healthcare

Integrity Healthcare Services, Inc. partners with healthcare organizations to create a culture where employees, patients and other customers are valued and treated with respect. Our healthcare customer service approach:

  • Engages and involves leaders, managers and supervisors
  • Helps create an environment where employees feel valued
  • Improves patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Aligns systems and processes to support service training

The Customer® is a comprehensive healthcare customer service training curriculum that supports positive customer-focused behaviors. Through unique learning dynamics, service skills and attitudes are practiced, rewarded and reinforced.

Why Our Philosophy Is Different

  • VA customized version available
  • GSA approved
  • Structured Follow-Up

    Accountability to practice concepts until new behaviors are formed.

  • Managers Model and Coach

    Engages leaders, managers and supervisors to reinforce positive behaviors through supportive coaching.

  • Employee Focus

    Enhances teamwork and job satisfaction.

  • Self-Leveling Principles

    Principles-based concepts easily applied by everyone in the organization.

  • More Than Skills

    Stresses attitudes, motives and values as a key component of service delivery.

Implementation Timeline

Implementation Timeline Graphic

What People Learn

All Employees
  • To identify and serve internal and external customers
  • A simple communication model - G, VAL, HI
  • Problem solving skills that support service recovery
  • How attitudes, motives and values affect service
  • To communicate with different types of people
Leadership, Managers and Supervisors
  • To model and coach service behaviors
  • A supportive coaching system
  • To create a culture where staff feel appreciated
  • To recognize and reward customer-focused behaviors
  • Strategies for ongoing reinforcement

How Your Organization Will Benefit

Other healthcare clients have mentioned the following benefits:

  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Better communication between departments
  • Improved managers/staff relationships
  • Stronger teamwork
  • Employees feel a greater sense of purpose

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Featured Healthcare Clients

  • UCLA
  • Baystate
  • Great River
  • Cleveland VA


"Our patient, employee and physician satisfaction scores have all improved.  That's what this process has done for our medical center."

- Chief Operating Officer

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