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Integrity Service® is a comprehensive training process that teaches, supports and recognizes positive customer-focused behaviors. Through unique learning dynamics, it also:

  1. Improves customer satisfaction and loyalty
  2. Helps to create an environment where employees feel valued
  3. Builds stronger teamwork
  4. Increases job satisfaction and productivity
  5. Engages managers and supervisors to model and coach

Service Training Process: Congruence of Knowledge, Skills and Values

Congruence Model Graphic

Exceptional customer service requires more than knowing what to do. It also involves attitudes, motives and values. Participants in Integrity Service identify dimensions that influence delivery of exceptional customer service. When these dimensions are in congruence (alignment), improved job satisfaction, increased teamwork and customer loyalty result.

Sales Coaching: Key Differences

Several factors differentiate Integrity Service® from traditional service skills training:

  • Structured Follow-Up

    Accountability to practice concepts until new behaviors are formed.

  • Supportive Coaching Component

    Engages leaders and managers to support and model appropriate service behaviors.

  • Employee Focus

    Addresses service and communication with internal as well as external customers.

  • Self-Leveling

    Principles-based concepts applicable for all employees.

  • More Than Skills

    Focus on the importance of attitudes, motives and values in serving others

Participants Learn

All Employees
  • To identify and serve internal and external customers
  • A six-step communication process
  • A simple problem solving system
  • Attitudes, motives and values that influence service
  • A simple Behavior Styles® model
  • To model and coach appropriate behaviors
  • A simple coaching system
  • To create a climate where employees feel appreciated
  • To support and reward customer-focused behaviors
  • Tools for ongoing reinforcement
Leadership, Managers and Supervisors
  • To model and coach service behaviors
  • A supportive coaching system
  • To create a culture where people feel appreciated
  • To recognize and reward customer-focused behaviors
  • Strategies for ongoing reinforcement

Time Line For Behavior Change

Behavior Change Timeline Graphic

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“Our JD Power customer service ranking went from #5 to #2 after eighteen months of working with Integrity.”

- Worldwide Car Rental Company

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